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East Bay Stump Removal

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Founded in 1978, East and West Bay Stump Removal Inc. is the most experienced and most trusted stump grinding company in the Bay Area. It is a family owned business operated by brothers Matt and Kevin Morgenstern who together have 56 years of experience in the stump grinding business.

East and West Bay Stump Removal Inc. has maintained its devotion to quality and service. Determining and meeting customer needs and providing true value for over 32 years, Matt and Kevin Morgenstern have never put the reputation of their company into the hands of others, but have remained “hands on” throughout their long run in the business. It’s not just business to them, it’s personal.

Is the cheapest always best? It’s easy to think so. Can there be a “high end” in stump grinding? When comparing bids, we recommend you consider the following.
  • Is the bidder licensed and insured?
  • How deep will the stump be ground?
  • If there are visible surface roots, will they be removed?

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Safety is a big consideration when removing stumps. Stump grinders are powerful machines and should only be operated by experienced and properly trained individuals who understand the potential hazards and what to do about them. Here are a few points that any stump removal contractor should address:
  • Locate Utilities
  • Flying Debris

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We specialize in stump grinding.
Here is what we can do for you:

  • Respond to your inquiry promptly.
  • Show up when promised and do the job right the first time.
  • Protect your property.
  • Make repairs to your irrigation systems if required.

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